Tom Clodfelter

Birthday Recording from Tom's Grandfather

In celebration of his birth, Tom's Grandfather made a special recording marking the occasion. Tom had kept this recording his whole life, although never listened to when we were married as we did not own a turn table record player. My elder brother Michael was able to work his audiophile magic and was able to extract the contents of this recording and turn it into an mp3 file. I find it a fascinating time capsule from a bygone era.

Hear, hear Tommy, what delayed you so? Your magic carpet was due almost a month ago. This is June the seventeenth, 1950, and you got in yesterday, June the sixteenth at 9:52 in the morning. What kept ya? You were expected May the twentieth!

Anyway, you're here, and we hope you like it; it's the best world I've ever been on, and I like it. And you'll have lots of fun with sister Mary Ellen and cousins Lin, Billie and Susie. And you've got the most wonderful mommy and daddy that anybody ever had. And you've got a lot of nice kin folks, too.

This is Pop Hill talking to you. You can call me whatever you want to but all the rest of the children call me Pop, except Susie, she calls me Poppy. I don't know how she gets that way but that's alright, you can call me whatever you want to. And we're mighty glad you're here, and we hope you like it, and just have the most fun

Tom with his Grandfather, "Pop"
Tom with his elder sister, Ellen in Savannah
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